Beginner Steroid Cycle

Beginner Steroid Cycle: Facts, Cycle Results & Beginner Steroid Cycle Chart Stacking

DESCRIPTION: This article answers some basic facts about beginner steroid cycle for women and men. You will learn about novice steroids cycle as well as cycle and stacking for Pro

A Simple Definition of Steroid Cycle

In simple terms, a steroid cycle is the period of time for which a person makes routine use of AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) to meet varying physical goals including gaining or shredding of weight, or building up of muscles.

A steroid cycle usually lasts for a period ranging from four weeks to sixteen weeks, the length of time depending upon the person’s goals, the kind of steroid that is being used and on the person’s experience. Click here to read about legal steroids with great results without side effects

First steroid cycle for beginners v/s steroid use for experienced person

Steroid cycles can be differentiated into two categories, namely beginner’s cycle and advanced cycle.

The novice or beginner’s cycle refers to those steroid cycles which are meant for people who are using steroids for the first time.

The first steroid cycle for beginners consist of minimal doses since the user’s hormones are not used to such external influence, and they will take time to adapt and respond.

And of course, there is the possibility of various side effects.

As such, beginner’s steroid cycles are the ones that are most critical, not because they are complex (which they are not), but because for a beginner or newbie, things can go horribly wrong.

Beginners mostly comprise of young people who know very little about the actual effects steroids can have over human body, and their enthusiasm can often misdirect them.

Using steroids seems to be an easy way to bulk up one’s body, but a person should never began such a steroid intake without consulting one’s trainer/ coach or a physiologist.

Also, before one indulges in the use of such foreign substances, one must have some experience in natural exercising, which trains the muscle to grow and develop naturally on their own.

Not all steroids have similar effects, and some can be highly dangerous particularly for beginners.

So it is largely recommended that a person conducts thorough research about the possible effects and side effects so you only have what I describe as the best first time steroid cycle you can be proud of its results.

A Note about Steroid cycle for advanced users

On the other hand, there are the advanced steroid cycles. Now, one might question whether he or she can skip the beginner’s cycle and directly jump onto the advanced cycle?

The answer would be one big NO!

An advanced cycle comprises of highest doses and along with them, comes the highest possible risks.

Before starting an advanced cycle one must have the experience of having successfully overcome several beginner’s cycles, the person must be really, really looking forward to massive physical changes, must be hugely involved in exercising or such physical activity and must be completely aware of the effects each and every one of those drugs are having on their body.

The advanced cycles are compulsorily accompanied by other supplements and drugs, and if the usage goes wrong, the consequences can be disastrous.

This point needs to be emphasized again and again: if someone is failing to retain even half of what they have gained from their previous cycles, this means their bodies are not ready for advanced cycles.

When one stops using the steroids, it is obvious that they will lose some of the effects (since continuation of steroid becomes a necessity to maintain a consistent level of gain).

However, this still does not mean that one can lose more than half of the gain. When the body positively responds to a steroid, it will hold on to the gains even in the absence of continued use.

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Best Beginner’s Steroid Cycles for Women

Women too like men make use of steroids, particularly women involved in athletics, body building or women trying to either gain or shred some fat.

Beginners need to realize that Anabolic steroids pose even greater threat for women than they do for men. This is because apart from other side effects, they can adversely affect the femininity of a woman.

To prevent such alterations, it is advised that women should make sure that they use steroids with lesser androgenic contents. One such steroid, which is perhaps the best possible option for women, is the Anavar or the Oxandrolone.

This steroid is often regarded as the girl’s steroid and should without a doubt be the first choice for women.

Apart from these there are other choices like Winstrol, Stanozolol and Primobolan Depot, which are also suited for the female physiology and do not pose such great risk of altering the feminine physical construct.

Here is an ideal chart which beginner level females can adopt without undertaking too much risk.

A Sample Steroid Cycle for Women


*”ed” meaning every day.

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Beginner Oral Steroid Cycle for Teenagers (16-19 Years old)

Young people are most prone to get influenced and they desire to easily shape up their body with the quick use of steroids.

However, they should understand that at this age, one’s body or hormones are not ready to deal with foreign boosters, and there are higher chances of things going wrong.

So, instead of gaining, there is a huge possibility that they will end up losing what they have. Young people should therefore strictly abstain from the use of such drugs at least until they are 18 years of age.

Even for 18 year olds, it is not absolutely safe and the right course of action would be to consult a knowledgeable person like the coach or a physiologist before committing to using steroid. Over the years however, we notice more and more young lads taking to beginner oral steroid cycle such as Dianabol tablets.

Beginner’s steroid Cycle for men

Since the use of steroids is illicit in most of the nations, including UK, it is rather difficult to gather reliable and dependable knowledge about its possible effects and threats.

People who sell them are busy promoting their products, so not all beginner steroid cycle for sale can be fully trusted.

Endeavor to always take a step to conduct a research about a particular steroid, and consult a reliable source before engaging in a cycle.

Here are two best possible examples of beginner’s steroid cycle for men:

A sample steroid cycle stack for bulking and mass:

Cycle for cutting:

150mgs/ day40mgs/ day
250mgs/ day40mgs/ day
350mgs/ day40mgs/ day
460mgs/ day50mgs/ day
560mgs/ day50mgs/ day
660mgs/ day50mgs/ day

NOTE: The above cycle table can be adapted as beginner steroid cycle for strength and energy as well.

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