Dianabol Dosage

15 Vital Truths About Dianabol Dosage

dianabol dosage cycleDianabol has been long known to be one of the most potent muscle builders and performance enhancers ever, making it possible for professional athletes and newcomers to the world of body building to get spectacular results over very short periods of time.

If you are looking for a supplement to improve your results by helping you pack huge, strong and toned muscles, by giving you the energy to lift more and by helping your muscles recover after you worked them as hard as you could, Dianabol is certainly your best ally.

However, this amazing supplement is able to deliver the expected Dianabol results only if it is taken according to the instructions, in a strategically planned manner…

… so here are 15 essential pieces of information that everyone taking Dianabol tablets must know about the supplement to be able to make the most out of it.

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1. What is, in fact, Dianabol?
Dianabol is a steroid developed with the purpose of increasing the amount of muscle developed during training.

2. What Results to Expect
Dianabol makes it possible to pack as much as 20-30 pounds of muscle over a relatively short, 4-8 weeks period. The muscle mass developed under Dianabol is “wet” muscle, that is, it is bulky and spectacular.

3. In What Form is Dianabol Available?
Dianabol is an oral steroid. While steroids used to be available in a liquid or injectable form in the past, Dianabol is a result of the scientific research that made it possible to create steroids that can be administered orally.

As anything ingested passes through the intestines and gets decomposed in the liver, the initial molecular structure of liquid steroids needed to be modified to make it possible for the active ingredient to pass through the liver without getting decomposed.

If taken for too long may lead to side effects or what many people refer to dbol toxicity of the liver.

The result was Dianabol, a steroid that can get to the muscles and deliver effects as powerful as the effects by injectable steroids, but without the use of needles and syringes.

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4. What Is the Dianabol Dosage for Beginners?
For those unfamiliar with standard bodybuilder terminology, one period of taking a certain supplement, steroid-based or other, is called a cycle and the method of taking multiple supplements simultaneously with the purpose of getting even more spectacular results is called stacking.

Dianabol pills can be cycled alone or stacked with other supplements. For beginners, it is recommended to take Dianabol alone for the first few cycles (2-3 months) and start stacking it with other supplements such as testosterone enanthate only afterward.

The best Dianabol dosage for beginners is 25 mg per day for about 4 weeks, followed by an off-period. Your Dianabol dose will be similar after the first few cycles, when you start stacking it as well.

5. Dianabol Dosage Timing for Strength
Dbol pills has a very short, 6-8 hour half-life, so taking your pills at the right time is very important. One way of dosing it – the method preferred by those looking mainly for strength – is to take most of the daily dose about an hour before workout.

6. Timing for Bulk
Another way of taking Dianabol, usually chosen by those looking for bulking, is to take about 5 mg every 4 hours, thus keeping the level of steroid steady in their a bloodstream.

7. Timing for Strength and Bulk
There is a third way of taking Dianabol, a method that will give you the strength to pursue the most strenuous workout and will help your muscles recover between your training session: take most of your daily dose before workout and take some afterward.

8. Off Periods
After taking Dianabol tabs for the recommended time, you must allow your body to rest. Stay “off” Dianabol for about a week and half after each cycle in order to prevent your body from getting used to it and to give your muscles time to recover after working them hard and to prepare your next training phase.

9. What to Expect of Your Dianabol Cycle?
You will start feeling the results after the first week of taking Dianabol. Most beginner users report spectacular gains after the first few weeks, but the these new muscles are mainly the results of water retention.

The real results will come a bit later, when you will benefit from another advantage of Dianabol – your body’s improved ability to synthesize protein and transform it into hard muscles as the result of workout.

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10. Possible Side Effects
Dianabol has been developed to pass by the liver without getting destroyed by it, but it still affects the liver, that’s why it counter-advised to take it for longer than 8 weeks at a time.

The side effects of dbol you might experience include adult acne, bloating, headaches, high cholesterol levels and gynecomastia – all avoidable with the right dosage and the right timing.

11. Precautions while in the Gym
Besides paying attention to taking the right Dianabol dosage at the right time, there are a few other things you must pay attention to while taking this steroid.

Your muscles will be stronger, which means you will be able to lift more. While this is certainly a good thing, you must be careful with your new weights to avoid injuries.

12. Hydration
You must also take care to hydrate properly and avoid alcohol. Whether you take Dianabol alone or you stack it with other products, make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

13. Diet Recommendations
To make the most of your Dianabol dose, you need to take it right, exercise right and eat right. Your bulking diet should be high in calories, but this does not mean you can eat anything.

Make sure you include lots of lean meat such as beef, turkey, lamb and chicken, into your diet to get the right amount of protein; consume eggs and dairy, too and include fats, too, but limit your intake of carbs to around 30 gr per day.

14. Stacking Advice
If you choose to stack Dianabol with other supplements, you can choose a combination with other oral steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Testosterone and Trenbolone or you choose a combo with injectables.

15. Buying Dianabol
Your Dianabol must come from a verified source, so always make sure you order your supplement from a reliable vendor. The best way to convince yourself is by consulting body builder forums and review websites. You may checkout Crazybulk for premium legal steroids maker

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