Best Gynecomastia Exercise & Workouts

Best Gynecomastia Exercise and Workouts

Causes of Man Boob

This is not the first time you have that worried look on your face. Before you slept last night, you took off your clothes, and you couldn’t remember how long you stood there looking at yourself, dissatisfied and unhappy.

You have breasts! And that seems very weird. But now, what can you really do about it?

Gynecomastia Exercises – Great for Getting Rid of Man Boobs

When a man has protruding breasts, it becomes a source of concern. It affects a lot about him, even psychologically, especially because it’s supposed to be an attribute peculiar to women.

And his body image diminishes his sense of self-worth. He becomes restricted and sometimes feel like isolating himself. Is that you I am talking about here?

This guide will certainly guide you to regaining your manliness again and restore your confidence once again.

Find below a list of effective exercises to get rid of man boobs, while losing weight at the same time.

Daily Cardio routine

  • Running

A 20-minute running session, whether on a treadmill or on the open road is a great way to ensure a new active lifestyle. This increases your rate thereby efficiently burning the calories.

For the first couple of weeks, you can try running every other day, for instance 3-4 times per week. Then, you can increase the frequency of your runs after the first month, or you can even go for 5 to 6 days per week, if you are certain to have developed the stamina for it.

You could make use of a treadmill, if you have one at home. But if you don’t, you should consider getting a trial membership at a gym (some gyms do offer trial programs or month-to-month memberships for clients who do not wish to commit to a long-term contract) until such time your body gets used to regular physical exertion.

There are gynecomastia vests for men who have enlarged breasts. This would make you feel comfortable while running and avoid the situation of having your man breasts bouncing around.

  • Row Routine

This is a great male breast reduction exercise that has been proven to work. This involves working out the chest as well as arm and back muscles.

This particular exercise is great for getting rid of excess fat that accumulated in the chest over the years.

You can start with 10-minute sessions for the first two weeks (3 times per week), until you gain the strength and endurance to do the exercise for longer, 30 minutes or more, everyday.

  • Low Impact man Boobs Exercises

Low impact exercises are best to begin with before attempting to move on to more rigorous workouts such as weight lifting, etc.

Swimming and elliptical training are two of the most effective exercises for man breasts that do not stress the joints and ligaments too much the way running does.

Swimming targets the upper body almost as effectively as rowing, but it does not cause too much fatigue even when done for more than an hour.

Similarly, elliptical training is also good for keeping your heart rate up, except it does not impact your knees and ankles the way running on a treadmill does.

Low impact routines are highly recommended for men aged 45 and above, or those who are nursing injuries such as torn alignment (ACL, MCL), sprained knee/ankle, etc.

  • Boot Camp Courses

You might consider a boot camp course if finance is the least of your worries! There are highly specialized courses offered for men who want to lose weight, specifically in the chest area.

It is important to note that boot camp is intense and physically demanding.

So, if you are really scared and lazy, you might want to reconsider this option. The instructors are mostly trained body builders and some are retired military personnel who have seen combat and are particularly adept to physical training.

  • Interval training

Interval training involves short, intense exercise alternated with longer, less intense exercise.

An example of interval training would include running intensely for 30 seconds, followed by two to three less intense jogging or walking.

This type of training helps your body in burning more calories. Even after you have finished working out, it elevates your metabolism to get rid of gynecomastia.

  • Weights Lifting

After you must have completed your cardio and interval exercises successfully, that is with obvious results, you can now move on to more complex routines such as weight lifting.

At this point, your man breasts should have already shrunk at a manageable level (still visible but not too conspicuous as before) which means you can start the final stages of the process. Lifting is an excellent way to develop chest muscles and get rid of whatever is left of your man breasts.

Enhancing the effects of Gynecomastia Exercises

While exercises can certainly work wonders for your man breasts, there are ways to hasten the process even more. There are a number of products that you can use while doing the exercises, such as gynecomastia pills and topical creams.

Facts about breast enlargement in men

Curious to know which exercises effectively burn chest fat, you are probably in a hurry to try them out.

But first things first! It is not all types of breast enlargement that can be eliminated with workouts. Workouts to lose chest fat would work better when your breast enlargement is caused by fat and not hormonal.

So if your breast enlargement has been caused as a result of fat build up or pseudogynecomastia, then workouts will definitely work.

But if the underlying matter is 100% gland growth and not fat, then workouts will not make any difference and in most cases, it will only highlight the chest once fat around the chest is eliminated through workouts.

Although, in some cases of men with breast enlargement, there are always a combination of fat and breast tissue, known as mixed gynecomastia.

For some, the majority of the mass will be breast tissue and a minority of the mass would be fat or the other way. So in such cases, workouts to lose chest fat will help to eliminate that part of mass which involves fat.

Best way to find out if your condition is gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia

To find out if your condition is gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia, you should consult a doctor who specializes in gynecomastia or breast reduction treatment.

If you are over-weight or obese or someone with high body fat, you will always have chest fat proportional to overall body fat.

Even if you have breast tissue growth in such a case, you will have fat in your chest as a result of overall body fat content.

Exercises that effectively burn chest fat

The following exercises to lose chest fat have proven to be effective and mostly recommended by fitness experts.

The exercises target the upper chest. And this is because the fat in the lower chest and under the nipples, need to be first spread up to be burned out to experience breast reduction.

Doing workouts for upper chest will also stretch the lower chest and will tighten that area.

  1. Dumbell pullover

The dumbbell pullover is one of the effective workouts to lose chest fat.

  • Get yourself a flat bench and lie flat on your back on it
  • Hold a low or medium weight dumbbell above your chest and have your elbows slightly bent
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell back over your head all the way down like in the animation above
  • Make sure you do this slowly and you feel the stretch
  • Go for about 3 sets initially with 10-12 repetitions in one set
  • Perform this exercise 3 times a week
  1. Incline Bench Dumbell Press

The incline bench dumbbell press is also a great workout to try out since it helps you lose chest fat from your upper chest and provides excellent pressure on your upper chest when done properly.

  • If possible, get the help of a spotter to hand you the dumbbells. This is recommended but not an absolute must
  • Position yourself on the incline bench
  • Hold two low-medium weight dumbbells using a regular grip or if possible, have it passed from your spotter
  • Press the dumbbells upward in an explosive motion and make sure you feel the pressure on your upper chest. Inhale when it goes up and exhale upon release
  • Release or bring it down slowly
  • You should put the angle of the bench at around 45 degrees but this would depend on the individual as well. Play around with the angle until you can feel it is giving the best possible effect on your upper chest
  • Go for about 3 sets initially with 10-12 repetitions in one set
  • Perform this exercise 3 times a week
  1. Incline Barbell Bench Press

Another available workout to lose chest fat is the incline barbell bench press. This will enable the upper chest to shape up as well as reduce the sagging.

The regular flat bench does not focus on the upper chest, as the target but with the “incline” of the Barbell Bench Press, this is just great for the job!

  • Press the barbell upward in an explosive motion and make sure you feel the pressure on your upper chest. Inhale when it goes up and exhale upon release
  • Bring it down slowly
  • You should put the angle of the bench at around 45 degrees but this would depend on the individual as well. Play around with the angle until you can feel it is giving the best possible effect on your upper chest
  • Go for about 3 sets initially with 10-12 repetitions in one set
  • Perform this exercise 3 times a week
  1. Smith machine Incline Bench Press

The Smith machine incline bench press is another among the workouts to lose chest fat and one of the benefits of this that you will get the movement uniform and you do not need a spotter since the weight is low.

  • Take an adjustable bench and place  it under the Smith machine
  • Grab the barbell with hands slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Slowly lower the barbell but do not let it touch your chest
  • Push the bar upwards in an explosive manner
  • Inhale when you push up and exhale when you release or lower it
  • Go for about 3 sets initially with 10-12 repetitions in one set
  • Perform this exercise 3 times a week
  1. Decline Push Ups

This is just another simple but effective workout to lose chest fat. This is not different from a regular push-up except that the legs rest on a raised platform like a bench.

  • Make sure your back is flat when you do the push-ups
  • Hands should be preferable a little wider than shoulder width
  • You can adjust the width and try out different widths to see which one gets you the most effect
  • Go for about 3 sets initially with 10-12 repetitions in one set
  • Perform this exercise 3 times a week
  1. Complete flyes

Pulling your arms together, which is called a flye (or fly), is another great way to sculpt your chest muscles.

  • Lie on your back or stand at a slight incline
  • Hold two weights, one in each hand, arms extended straight above your chest with your palms facing each other.
  • Slowly open your arms wide, as though spreading your wings. Then slowly bring your arms back up.
  • You can perform flyes using a resistance band, too.
  • Stand and anchor the band at about hip-height (try wrapping it around a column or door handle), holding one end in each hand.
  • Start with your arms open, then bring your hands together in front of your chest, then slowly open again.
  • Vary your flye routine every three to four weeks to challenge your chest muscles. Try incline or decline flyes, cable flyes, and even single arm variations.
  1. Cable Crossovers 

This exercise will help you stimulate the muscles and fibers as well as burn fatty tissues in chest.

  • Place yourself in the center of pulley machine and grab the handle.
  • Step your upper body in, spread your arms at an angle, and try to feel the muscles getting stretched in your chest.
  • Perform 3 sets of cable crossovers workout.

Diets and exercises to help you burn fat

Bodybuilding or exercises generally, would not be complete without a balanced diet.

As long as the diet or fat burning product aids in reducing fat, it should not be overlooked since this is the goal of the exercises to begin with. You can go on a high protein, low carb and low fat diet if possible.

You are not expected to crash diet while you do these gynecomastia exercise but make sure that you control the calorie intake. Your calorie intake needs to be low so that it does not reverse or neutralize the fat burn.

Am I just working out for the chest alone?

You can recall that it is advisable for you to do basic cardio exercises like running on a treadmill, some jogging, warm-ups, etc before going on these other more specific exercises.

This helps to keep every part of your body active, and increasing your heart rate, until you are able to achieve your main target; developing the area of your concern- the chest, in this case.

So, it is not true that working out could develop just one part of the body. This is known as spot reduction, a situation in which one works out for the development of just one part of the body.

When you workout, sweating most of the time is most important. If you do not sweat, no amount of time performing these exercises will work.

Vigorous workout will also help you boost metabolism which will ultimately help you burn more calories for another 5 minutes even after you stop cardio.

Can exercising at Home reduce chest fat?

Yes, most HIT exercises do not involve equipment. Whereas for strength training, body weight moves such as push-up, planks etc are an easy way to develop muscle.

These exercises, when combined with a balanced diet alongside would reduce the fat in your chest- as long as your enlarged breasts are caused by fats.

Otherwise, if it is gland growth you may consider taking gynectrol pills designed to help eliminate man boobs without side effects.

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